You Take Care 0f Business — Are You Taking Care of Yourself?

If you’re just going into business with yourself, you’ve likely started part-time while you also maintain your current career. This is a huge milestone in your life and opens up many doors that can lead you to financial freedom. But, it also leaves you vulnerable to self-neglect. This can leave you run down, worn-out, and ready to call it quits before you have an opportunity to experience success.

What you can do

There are many different ways that you can take care of yourself when you’re running a business. A few of these include:

Do yoga.

Yoga is an excellent way to keep your mind and body aligned and healthy. If you live in the Northwest Ohio area, consider taking a class with Mike Zerner (Yoga Mike) at either Forever Fit or the Victory Center.

Outsource some work.

Whether you choose to bring in a helping hand every day or hire the occasional freelancer, having extra bodies to do the dirty work frees you up to handle your most pressing responsibilities. You can even use one-off services, such as LLC formation, that cost less than an attorney. Many of the legal aspects of your business are ruled by your state, so whether you’re forming your structure or hiring new employees, make sure you understand local laws.

Get organized.

Being organized means that you spend less time looking for stuff and more time focused on the things that matter. This starts by clearing things out (both at home and in your workspace) and then putting things back in order and grouped with like items. Woman’s Day also suggests labeling and, perhaps most importantly, giving yourself ample time to start and complete each project.

Make sleep a priority.

Even if you’re an early morning person, make sure you go to bed on time each night. Cleveland Clinic explains that sleep is “vital” for your overall health. Unfortunately, only about one in 10 of us get enough sleep. But, sleep is when your brain has an opportunity to recharge, meaning that getting proper rest helps you be better at work.

Keep an exercise schedule.

You don’t have to be fitness-obsessed to maintain an exercise routine. Even if you sneak out for a quick walk around the block once a day, exercise is what the BBC calls a “golden opportunity” to be more productive. Being physically active stimulates feel-good chemicals in your brain, and it has benefits that last long after your sweat session has subsided.

Maintain your appearance.

No one expects you to win a beauty contest while you’re working. However, as the Kentucky Counseling Center explains, there is a strong connection between how you look, taking care of yourself, and how you feel. Make sure that your self-care routine includes doing things that make you feel confident about your appearance.

Watch your growth.

You want your business to grow. That is, after all, one of the main goals of launching a new company. But, if you grow too fast, you’re only going to add stress to yourself. Make sure that you grow sustainably so that you can grow steadily and avoid the stress that comes with over-exerting yourself. You can do this by not taking on more than you can reasonably handle, practicing sound management principles, keeping yourself out of debt, and remembering that growth is a process, not an overnight opportunity.

Self-care goes beyond life’s little indulgences. It consists of many different aspects of how we handle ourselves both at home and in our businesses. Seemingly unrelated activities, like doing yoga, outsourcing certain parts of your business, getting enough sleep, and managing your growth all work together to keep you whole, healthy, and happy. When you are all three of these, you’ll be in a better position to be both sustainable and successful.

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