Mike Zerner

I am forever grateful to have been introduced to Yoga in 1976.

As anything in life, there are no coincidences. Serendipity at the age of twenty-two, lead me to the great honor of meeting and playing tennis with Torban Ulrich, Frank Sedgeman and other Internationally renown tennis players in preparation for competing in tennis.

It is because of this experience that I first heard of yoga.

While waiting to play tennis with Torben, I noticed that he was doing various stretches, but none I had ever seen before. Then he would sit very still for a while. He explained that it was a form of stretching and mediation known as yoga. Little did I know then, that yoga would soon become a daily part of my life.

I was training to play tennis overeas. It was later in that year while touring in Europe that I had a sports injury in a tennis tournament, which eventually led to having major back surgery.

This was one of the most painful experiences in my life. After the operation, my doctors said that I lost nerve senses in my right leg and foot, and to make matters worse, they suggested that I have many more corrective surgeries. With that I remembered Torbin Ulrich and quickly turned to yoga for healing my body, mind and spirit. Since then, I have had over sixteen operations, in addition to having two different forms of cancer.

Thanks to the practice of yoga and meditation I am able to live a wonderful life!

Thank you yoga and Mr. Ulrich for helping me cope with my health issues and making me feel strong, healthy. and happy!

Breath, exercise and meditation are components of yoga. By focusing on one’s breath, and quieting one’s mind, one can peacefully and harmoniously live in the only moment that exists, this moment. With life moving so quickly isn’t it important to be calm and collected so as to enjoy every precious second?

Healing through yoga and meditation can be and often is life saving.

After being introduced to yoga, I began a search for a yoga teacher. With great fortune I found a most wonderful yoga instructor in Ethel Mercer’s University of Toledo class. She created a class of fun-loving, and caring students. We became family.

Ethel shared with us the integration of mind and body through meditation, asana, and proper breathing.

This jazzed and fascinated me. I was hooked!

My back and body had never felt better.

I found a home in yoga and it has been part of my life for these years.

I am forever grateful to Torben Ulrich.

I am forever grateful to Ethel Mercer.

I am forever grateful to yoga.

Be Peaceful, Be Well and Keep Smiling.


Michael Zerner