To become a giant in the eyes of others, and to succeed in the 21st century, look up to those beneath you! Consider these action ideas as you lead your team:

Listen often and openly to what others say, and try to do so without prejudgment.
Don’t put anyone off or be too busy to listen to and answer questions.
Use praise frequently and sincerely.
If you feel that criticism is warranted, do it in private, and make sure you say something encouraging after the reprimand.
Be firm and be fair. Don’t meet with people in person or on the phone when you are angry. Exercise or take a walk first, then communicate when you are relaxed.
Don’t be afraid or hesitant to share your concerns with others. Far better to discuss a molehill, then to wait until it festers into Mt. Everest.
Don’t make rash promises and be consistent.
Whenever you are in a leadership role, focus your supervision on teaching effective habits and skills, not in pointing out mistakes.

Encourage everyone in both your personal and professional life to speak up and express their own ideas, even if you disagree with them.