Group exercise classes are a fun, motivating way to get moving. The expert instructors at Wildwood will lead you to incredible results. With over 80 classes available every week, including Yoga, Pilates, Senior Sculpt, Group Power Aqua-Robics, Spinning, and much more, Wildwood has a group for you.

Michael Zerner’s Wildwood Classes:

Yoga/Gentle Yoga/Chair Yoga 

Gentle Yoga is a basic yoga class but it perfect for all levels. You will be taught basic yoga poses along with  proper breathing techniques. (Please bring your own yoga mat.)

Chair Yoga class utilizes a chair to assist with balance poses and to allow the participate to use receive support from the chair when needed. Share any joint issues with the instructor.


Experience the uplifting power of  yoga by creating a high level of energy,  vitality and exercise through these  timeless asana. Explore how yoga will help  improve your strength and stamina,  improve your range of motions, give you an overall sense of health and wellbeing while helping to quiet and calm your mind.



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