Good health is never easily attained, but with a few simple steps, it’s possible to build a routine that keeps you physically and mentally well from head to toe. Whether you’re looking to revamp your diet, rekindle your yoga routine or simply improve your oral health, these strategies from Yoga Mike will put you on the right track.


When it comes to looking and feeling great, diet plays a crucial role. There is plenty of debate about how to structure your diet and ensure you get your required nutrients, but if ever in doubt, stick to fresh ingredients. Market fruit and vegetables are always a good bet and can be balanced out with nuts, seeds, herbs, spices, or supplemented with CBD oil. If you run out of ideas, you’ll also find plenty of fresh-focused recipes online.


When you’re working a sedentary job, it can be difficult to find time during the day to get active, and by 5 o’clock, you may be too tired to hit the gym or go for a run. If this is true for you, it can make more sense to try to fit exercise around your existing routine. This could involve scheduling walk breaks, taking the stairs instead of the elevator, or even picking up food instead of getting it delivered.

You can also follow some of Yoga Mike’s helpful videos if you can’t make it to an in person class. Practicing yoga is not only good for your body, but it helps your mental well-being, too. Finding time for yoga can be a great way to promote your holistic health.


It’s difficult to overstate the importance of a good night’s sleep. Getting a restful 8 hours can improve everything from your mood to your ability to concentrate. For the best results, aim to reduce your caffeine intake, drink more water, turn off screens and incorporate activities such as reading at least an hour before bedtime. You may also want to sample some hemp-derived products to reduce symptoms of insomnia.

Oral Health

Poor oral health can often sneak up on us, resulting in poor teeth, gums, and, in turn, periodontal disease or cardiovascular issues. In addition to brushing your teeth twice a day, try to supplement your routine with tongue cleaners, floss, and mouthwash. If you believe you have existing dental issues, do seek professional help as a matter of urgency.


Extracted from the marijuana plant, CBD has exploded as an effective remedy for anxiety, pain, and inflammation relief. There is also evidence to suggest that plant extract can be used to reduce blood pressure. If you have any curiosity about the wide-ranging benefits, don’t hesitate to read up online and be sure to source any hemp-derived products from trusted sources.

Work Stress

It’s amazing just how profoundly work stress can impact our lives, easily affecting all of the above areas of health. If you find that your current line of employment is consuming all of your time and energy, it may be worth considering reskilling and switching roles. Thanks to remote studying, it’s now possible to earn a degree whilst still working full-time or tending to family obligations. Consider this option: an online degree in data analytics. Completing it could launch you into a rewarding new career!

You could also think about dusting off your resume and checking the job market. You can make your resume look more professional by saving it as a PDF. If you have to make any changes, you can edit a PDF in seconds using a free online tool. From there, prepare for interviews by coming up with some hypothetical questions and practicing your answers.

Find Ways to Relax and Be Healthful

When it comes to health and wellness, we should encompass every part of the body and all viable treatments. Whether you’re getting out more, reducing caffeine, walking to work, changing jobs, or trying a new CBD product, make sure you aren’t leaving your own well-being by the wayside.

Photo Credit: Mart Production via Pexels

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