Have you ever pushed yourself so hard while exercising that it actually sets you back?
Maybe you had to stop working out for a couple of days or weeks. Maybe you had to go to your Doctor or visit the nearest emergency room.
Is that the point of trying to get fit?
The obvious answer is a resounding- No.

It has been scientifically proven that movement plays an extremely important role in improving and maintaining our body, mind and spirit. Knowing that movement leads to greater plasticity and neuroplasticity, it is wise to view exercise and movement, study and self-discovery as a constant for the rest of our lives. Yet, so many are after the quick fix, the six pack by June, to be able to run a marathon by July and to climb Denali by September. We know it doesn’t work this way. Our life and our bodies require proper training forever.
Forget the saying “No Pain, No Gain.” Can you push yourself and work harder? Absolutely, but intelligently from a physiological perspective, and not from your ego view.
In yoga we say “Meet Your Edge With Grace!

What this means is that everyday our bodies are different and as a result, we need to tune into how we are feeling today and how far can we push ourselves while still obtaining the maximum benefits. Every asana, every pose in yoga, states that it is important to find comfort within your movements. To be able to breath calmly and yet still feel energized and strong. That dose not mean you wont feel invigorated, it means simply taking yourself to your edge and not past it!
Meeting Your Edge With Grace will bring to you a clearing on the other side of your workout, a wonderful feeling of greater health and happiness. Past your edge only brings you injury and pain. People work from either pain or pleasure. When you leave your yoga session, you should feel a glow and euphoria!
When you are in a class and see someone else clearly more flexible than you doesn’t mean that they are getting any more benefits than you. They may be more experienced in the pose; maybe they are naturally more flexible or stronger than you. But, it is important to know that they are not receiving any more benefits than you are. That is the beauty of yoga, of aligning your mind, body and spirit. Yoga done properly is only about how you feel; not how you compare. If you want to see acrobats, go to Cirque Du Soleil.
Yoga is not about being an acrobat or flying from a headstand to handstand all while rubbing your head and belly at the same time! Yoga is about you. About creating daily movement so your body and mind will be forever young at heart and forever young in mind!
Do you want to feel forever young? Of course you do.
It’s easy. Keep Moving!
Michael Zerner